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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Why won't my GameCube turn on with a memory card in slot a?

Up until yesterday my GameCube was working fine while playing a game with a Memory Card in Slot A. Today I went to play a different game, switching out the memory cards and the orange GameCube light flashes on briefly before turning off while the fan keeps going. However, if I take out the memory card it works fine...

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Have you tried a different memory card and having the same issue? Sometimes the memory card can cause a short and turn off the device.

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I've tried both Memory cards I have and they're both having the same issue, even the one I was using yesterday. The slot causing a short would definitely make sense though. Do you know how to fix this?


Not directly sorry. But i would take out the motherboard from the console and inspect and see if i can see anything suspicious or try replaying the motherboard.
Hopefully someone els have a better answer :(


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