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The sixth-generation Elantra was introduced in 2015 in South Korea and released for sale in the North American market in 2016 for the 2017 model year. The 2015-2020 Elantra has been sold in SE, Limited Edition, Ultimate Edition, Sport, and Value Edition trim levels.

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Wired grinding noise from manual transmission 2020 elentra n-line

I have an elentra with about 15k miles and the transmission is making a grinding noise at 5000 rpm in 3rd gear. It was towed recently and maybe the tow truck driver did something wrong. Please help

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Hi @xpro,

Was it towed with the front wheels off the ground or the rear wheels off the ground or was it a straight tow (all wheels still on the ground)?

If the rear wheels were off the ground or if it was a straight tow then if the transmission wasn't in Neutral the transmission may have been damaged.

Have you checked that the transmission fluid level is OK?

If it was towed with the front wheels off the ground or as a straight tow with the transmission in Neutral, then towing it in either of these ways would have been OK.

Have you had the car since new? If so check the length of the new car warranty period in the owner's handbook and if it is still valid, get it checked out under warranty.

Also try not to drive >5000rpm in 3rd gear until you get the transmission checked out.

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I had it since it was new and the trans-fluid is fine. It was a rear tow and they might have damaged it. (It got impounded). So I think they did something wrong and damaged the transmission.



If the front wheels were on the ground and the transmission was in gear then yes there would be a problem as the vehicle is a front wheel drive.

Problem is how do you prove that it was in gear?? The best maybe what you could try is argue that it shouldn't have been towed this way in the first place because they should know that it is front wheel drive. So to forestall any damage from occurring when being towed it should always be towed with the front wheels off the ground.

Get an assessment of the cost to repair and then contact whoever towed it and talk it over with them to see if perhaps a resolution can be reached regarding sharing? the cost of repair. I say sharing because it may be doubtful that they will pay the full amount or anything at all




He said when he put the gear on 3 and 5000rpm that happened

So no problem in the gear due to no problems in other levels of gear

I think it’s normally. No need to change anything if the sound is not noisy .



You have to ask though, if it wasn't doing this before, why is it doing it now especially as it may have been towed incorrectly?


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