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Red Blue And Green Horizontal Lines on Roku TV (onn.)

I have colored horizontal lines on my Roku 50” 4K Smart TV (onn. [wasn’t a device option]

Some lines are stationary, while other flicker between vibrant and faint

They show up better on certain (usually brighter) colors

And are faint and barely visible on other, (usually darker) colors

As for solid colors…

On Red, the lines are blue and yellow.

On Pink the lines are blue yellow and a bit of white

On orange the lines are blue and yellow

On green the lines are blue and red with a bit of fainter grey

On blue the lines are dark red (almost black) and yellow

on yellow the lines are red green and blue

On purple the lines are cyan and dark red

When watching tv or playing games, they are usaully not that noticeable but when you notice it, it becomes very annoying.

What causes this? And most importantly how do I fix this? (Or can I?)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@spencerc22 we have to see what this all looks like. Horizontal lines are almost exclusively a problem with the LCD panel. Post some pictures with your question so we can see what you see. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


@oldturkey03 they should be there now, just added


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@spencerc22 that looks like a driver board issue. Either a bad gate driver or a bad board. The driver boards are the boards that are connected to the panel via small ribbon cables. They are non-rrplaceable. Of course check for a burned or otherwise damaged component on those boards as well as loose connections etc. Ultimately looks like a bad panel

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So just check if they are loose, but if that doesn’t work. just sell it as damaged screen (good for parts)?


@spencerc22 that's about all you can do. Or just use it as a spare somewhere....


Now when you say check if they are loose, do you mean the ribbon cables?


@spencerc22 yes, that is what i was referring to :-)


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