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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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My phone screee blinking when I'm at home but it's doing properly outd

the screen blinking in white color

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You may have to place it on a wireless charger, to let it charge at a slow rate.

If that doesn't work try regular charger plus the wireless charger, together.

If it stops blinking let it charge at least 24 hours.

Also consider not using a fast or super charger, these are no good for the battery.

A slow, trickle charging will make the battery life better.

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Hi Abnet,

I have to wonder if perhaps the fact that your phone is glitching indoors but working outside is related to the ambient light levels; one can usually assume it's brighter outdoors than it is inside. You haven't really given us much detail to go on here, so this is just a guess based on what little you've said.

You might try either shining a flashlight at the ambient light sensor when you're indoors, or putting a finger over the sensor when you're outdoors and see if you can either replicate or eliminate the behavior by doing so. It's located at the top of the screen, just to the left of the earpiece speaker.

Block Image

More detail would allow us to make a better diagnosis of your issue, so the more you can tell us, the more we can help. For instance, is this something that just started recently? Has anything happened with the phone like getting wet or being dropped? Have you done any kind of updates lately? Has anything changed with regard to the phone anywhere around the time it started having issues?

Let us know what you find and we'll see if we can figure out what to do next for you.

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yes as you said when I hold the top speaker left the screen be black and when I open it again the notifications said it seems the proximity may blocked . so please tell me what is the solution.


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