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Keyboard problem on Xiaomi Mi Game laptop

Hello, iFixers 👋

My friend has a Xiaomi Mi Game laptop (he says gen 2) that behaves strangely - mid section of the keyboard only works with caps lock engaged and is completely dysfunctional otherwise. We have disassembled the laptop and found that one of the traces of the left keyboard flex cable if slightly bent. This may be due to the fact that it is being pressed by a hard drive enclosure. The question is how do we fix this problem? Is it really due to the bent flex cable trace? Or maybe there is something else we should check? Should we replace the keyboard and how difficult is that? Any ideas are appreciated as always 🙏

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Maybe someone tried tearing down those laptops - is the keyboard more or less easily replaceable? Are there any hints that can make the process more straightforward?


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Hi @alexanderre

Can you replace the keyboard flex cable?

Maybe check if there is a part number on the cable itself and use that information to try and find a replacement.

Have you tried using a USB keyboard just to prove that the problem is in the keyboard?

It may come down to replacing the keyboard.

All I could find was this teardown video but it doesn't get as far as actually removing the keyboard, so not very helpful in the end.

If you decide to replace it (check for part number on keyboard to try and find replacement) create a guide of how you did this and post it on ifixit. Others in the future will thank you for doing so. Here's how to do this How to Create a Guide

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Thanks, we've seen a similar video that helped us get to the flex cable safely. Will look for the part number and maybe try to find those parts 🙏


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