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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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Can't get the car to run.

I have a 2000 Accord EX sedan that I just had the engine replaced. Drove it for a day and it died. The car clicks but will not crank or start. I tried to jump it that didn't work

I have good connection to the battery,

The lights do not dim.

No check engine light on dash.

I put a new starter and solenoid on

I have I've changed the starter relay.

I've checked all the fuses in the car.

I have power at the alternator.

And all my power and ground cables are good.

What do I do next? The fuel system?

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Lee Moore, This might sound like a stupid question and maybe out of place, but have you checked the oil since the engine swap?

If the battery is good and fully charged, new solenoid and starter, good ground, and still it just clicks, there are some concerns. I’m guessing it was a used nine from a donor? Was the “new” engine tested prior to fitting?

I had a case once (years and years ago) where a person had an engine replaced and the mechanic that did the swap had drained the “new” engine of oil to replace, and only filled it up again with a couple of quarts!


Does the security indicator cycle on then off after ignition is turned on? Review your owner's manual on how your factory security system works and how the indicator displays. This helps separate an immobilizer problem from a power distribution problem between ignition switch and starter.


F Dryer,

Thank you for your support with this.

No the immobilizer is currently off.

I went back and hit everything again. The main ground was not as tight as it should be. So I tightened it. I even put a new battery in and still nothing. (Now I have 2 deep cell batteries. Lol)

This is the weirdest thing I have ever been up against. I'm going to go ahead a check the fuel filter. And the ignition switch.


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Good day Sir. Thank you for responding. No question is stupid other than the one I've posted. Lol

Yes the engine was tested prior to fitting, and the oil is to the full line.

I've even spun motor at the pulley.

I'm checking if the immobilizer is the issue then the ignition switch.

Prior to the swap, my immobilizer kept turning on every so often when I stopped. It was somewhat of a pain in the backside to get back on the road.

Thanks again for responding.

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