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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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Mac won't start up, 3 short beeps at first, now nothing, how to fix?

The battery is definitely fully charged, no liquids, was working fine last night but it does usually run hot.

I replace the hard drive myself in April. I was going to replace the RAM just in case, but then the RAM was stolen/confiscated by TSA.

Any ideas what needs replacing/ repairing now? And extra helpful if there's a way to go about this in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I'll have some time in the US soon, but I need my laptop to work in the meantime.

Running Catalina.

Thank you!

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@annelisse - I would still check the battery. You do have an onboard battery checker on the left side (well hidden) looking at the side straight on you should see a slightly raised round surface that’s the checker button and to its left are 10 tiny LED’s which should light up. How many and do they stay lit or blink?


@Dan The battery is fully charged. All lit up. I also replaced the battery myself last April.


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@annelisse - Review this Apple TN If your Mac beeps during startup

Likely a bad SO-DIMM or two, or it can be the clips aren’t holding the SO-DIMM.

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It's starting up now and works fine! Do you think that means it has to have been the clips and not the RAM itself? If so I'll buy replacement clips to have just in case it happens again just not sure if to reorder the RAM too.


@annelisse - The clips are not replaceable as they are part of the SO-DIMM socket part which in it’s self not replaceable either.


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