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As of 2021, the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae is the most recent variant of the Aventador line of cars produced by Lamborghini.

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Why it doesnt want to shift in 5th speed if it is cold outside.

When it is cold outside, early in the mornings my lambo is struggling to start and than wont shift in 5th gear.

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Hi @mhmcone,

If by struggling to start you mean that the engine is cranking over slowly when starting it could be a battery problem, but given that the car is a recent model (2021?) it shouldn't be a faulty battery unless there's a problem with the charging system e..g faulty alternator or voltage regulator.

Do the headlights dim noticeably when the car is idling and then get brighter when the rpm is increased?

If the car is that new contact the dealer and get it checked out under warranty.


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yes it is to cold outside therefore causing it to not shift wal in 5

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