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Repair and disassembly information for Google's Pixel Buds A‑Series. Released in June 2021. Identified by model number GA02213.

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Any way to repair the pairing button?

After dropping my A Series case a few too many times (the smooth, round shape of the buds does not lend much grip friction to the case...) the pairing button on the back of my case has now found its way pressed and stuck into the oblong cutout shape of the case.

I've tried to finagle it back into place with some small tools, but I'm probably just making things worse. Any suggestions on how to fix?

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You can try opening the case by squeezing the sides then using a plastic tool and some heat to undo the case clips, then disassembling the case until you find the small button inside (attached). Theres a couple tutorials on ifixit to help with the dissasembly. Hope this helps!

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