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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Why wont this iPod touch 4th gen power up?

Okay so i normally fix ipod 2nd and 3rd gens and thought i would give a 4th gen ago.

Iam replacing a digitizer +screen which are both connected, during removal i broke the wifi antenna cable.

I then continued to follow the instruction following every step making sure that i wouldn't brake anymore ribbon cables.

I believe that i have NOT broken any other cables but the ipod will not power on ?

Could anyone help me with this would the broken wifi antenna result in the unit not powering on ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Thanks guys , turns out that when i but the logic board back down the lcd was coming loose without me realising , pretty silly to be honest but thanks for the responses :)

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Jack, sounds like you got it going again. All you have left now is to accept the answer that helped the most. It's the only pay we volunteers get :-)


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Plug the iPod in to the AC adapter and give it about 10 min, you should then see the charge indicator come up.

Some USB ports don't carry enough charge to juice up an iPod with a drained battery.

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Don't mean to belittle at all, but just to make sure - Are you not getting a sync? The LCD connector is a bit of a pain and can appear to be in place when it's really just wedged in an odd position. Perhaps you began the repair on a very low battery and we are simply getting no power.

Also watch as the digitizer cable if not folded over on itself can become easily damaged.

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Thanks for responding quickly :)

but no i started the repair at nearly full battery, but i don't get any response when i plug the unit in no vibration no noise no response from my mac.

okay ive just taken it apart again to see whether i did anything wrong also im adding a small metal contact piece which i seen from other questions that leads to problems.


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