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Reparatiehandleidingen voor fototoestellen van de nu stopgezette Minolta reeks.

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Shutter release only works after multiple klicks (Minolta HI Matic AF2

Recently my analog Minolta HI-Matic AF2 camera won't let me shoot pictures. It happened once before randomly, then seemed to have resolved itself, but now it happened again and it didn't fix itself this time around.

The batteries are new (changed them to new ones again, in case the others were faulty). It happens seemingly at random and until recently it was only an issue of a couple minutes until it worked normally again. However it's not been 3 days since I was able to successfully take a picture without any issues.

After playing around with it, I realised that the shutter release button seems to move just so slightly further down after I press it for 10+ times, and only then the camera registers it and takes the picture. However, this now seems to be happening for every picture I want to take (while before it seemed to happen once, at random). I need to spam click it until after 10ish clicks I can feel it go down just a tiny bit more and the photo is being taken. The difference is so slight after the 10th click, that I missed it happening at first. Even if I press the button hard on the first try, it doesn't work and I need to repeatedly click it before it "unlocks" and goes all the way down.

Makes me think that there might be dirt stopping the button to be fully pressed? But weird how it's almost consistent with how many times I have to click it for it to unlock...

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If I remember correctly this is a leaf shutter camera. A common issue with leaf shutters is lubricant migration to the shutter blades which gums them up so they don’t move when you expect and some times don’t fully close so your pics get damaged as the light leak spills onto the photo sensitive emulsion.

Time to find someone withe camera repair skills as taking the lens apart to get to the shutter is not easy and the auto focus will need cleaning as it’s lube which migrated.

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