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IP68,9 - can repairs be made without losing this property?

With 'rugged' smartphones like from Oukitel, Blackview, Ulefone, Cat, etc., can it be expected that internal damage like to speakers or microphones be repaired and put back together without losing the IP68+ rating? Or are they generally sealed tight so that opening them is not an option in the first place?

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Hi I've replaced several screens,2x loudspeaker and a couple of batteries on my poor bv9800 pro and the seal around the back seems pretty good and I've never had a problem with it being waterproof after but just remember to stick the loudspeaker in with a bit of sealant as it doesn't come with the seal for it (AliExpress parts) when replacing the screen I buy one with the chassis and swap the internals over its easier in the long run and you get all new buttons,mic, fingerprint sensor and earpiece.


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[object Object], I’ve never worked on any of those phones personally, but I saw a video of a guy testing the “ruggedness” of one of the CATs. Turned out (after rigorous testing) that the IP68 part was… questionable, to say the least. Water had easily gotten in (the phone was brand new, taken straight from the box, to the test) even after only a few minutes (but very thorough) exposure.

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