Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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"No Service" even without a SIM

I bought a 3Gs on the bay, with water damage (in all probability)

already replaced digitizer, LCD, 6R8 coil for backlight…

still have to fix the signal issue but with the last engagement i get an strange error, which doesnt disappear: i don't get the "No SIM" notification shows "Searching..." or "No Signal" all the time, even if there is a SIM inside. The SIM which i use for testing works fine on my other 3Gs and even if there are signal issues/SIMlock it should be recognized. so this was the case before i did the last fix (6r8 coil).

i'm pretty sure this is an hardware issue. maybe on the SIM tray.

any1 ideas?

thx in advance

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how's the dock?


do u mean dock-connector? works fine, i can connect to itunes. already tried to restore the iphone but didnt change the problem.


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2 possibilities...no1 is sim slot, try just giving it a really good clean of the 6 contact pins, make sure the bottom spring on that tray is moving to let the phone know the sim card is inserted.

no.2 damage to the "wing" near connector 7. it's got the antenna wiring so if too much force trying to get board out of frame then this gets damaged.

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It may be the battery, old 3gs batteries wont work right on newest iOS .

May try downgrade to iOS 4.1 (this is the only firware than can be downgraded whit a custom firmware) to see if the ICCID error fixes or try whit a newer battery part number like APN 616-0428.

Hope it helps.


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i have the same problem but after opening the phone and change the wifi antenna only, so its definately a hardware issue. Everything else is the same so it's not the battery. i have opened/closed the phone many times so i would say its maybe connector 7, i may damaged it and thats will be my next step.

i also noticed that if i close the phone without placing the 7 screws on the motherboard (so the motherboard is not too tied to the back) i may have 1 or 2 bars. in may occasion i have the "searching" up left in the screen but i can send sms and internet browsing but no calls!

hope i helped a bit

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I had this problem with a 3g. I installed a really old firmware as the new firmware "upgraded" the baseband. this caused problems with the baseband/connectivity for some reason.

I then installed the latest firmware whilst maintaining the older baseband.

though, as i said this was with a 3G and not a 3Gs.

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I had my iPhone imei unlocked now its stuck on no service i don't know hot to fix it please help

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