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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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Screen still inactive after replacment

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Hello everyone

I have a iphone 6 plus 64gb

No cracks or dammage to the screen

TURNS ON But it was not responding to touch 99% of the time

Rarely I could restart the phone and be able to type in passcode

I replaced the screen

Problem persists

I noticed The Middle connecter on motherbooqrd does not give a good clicking sound like others when attached

This is my suspicion so I tried cleaning with alcohol 99% and problem persists

Can I replace OR repair this connection on the motherboard?


Also is there a band-aid solution that would increase connectivity in this band temporarily fix issue

B700 glue, gold dust? Some kind of soldering paste,

I have a heat gun and tools but havent got into soldering yet

so quick patch is preferable to deep fix

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Note contact is very soft, no click or nothing, but no physical dammage seems present actaully



If you apply pressure and carefully wiggle the connector in the socket does the touch come back at all?



Yes very slightly



It’s most likely a connector issue

You will have to solder a new one on:-)


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all I did was open it up, put some aluminum fois ontop in connector and then screw plate shut and close phone,

Works great now

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Your phone has what we call “touch disease” There is a trace at the touch IC called “Meson” which is no longer making contact. This is due to flexing the phone and is a signature problem for the 6 plus. To fix this problem we remove the Meson IC and run a jumper than re-ball and replace the IC. By the way the middle connector is the LCD and the top is the touch.

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Ok cool, how do I do this, do you have a guide?

Also, are your sure it's touch diseuse? I don't see any Grey lines in screen


As @imicrosoldering says, yes it has the dreaded 'touch disease'. Unless you are able to and have the equipment required to micro solder then you're stuck with it the way it is im afraid. For the age of the phone it would probably cost more to repair than the phone is worth. If your fix is working I'd just leave it the way it is.


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