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The Ford Fiesta is a subcompact car (B-segment in Europe) manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1976.

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My Ford fiesta 2018 model power window won’t go up or down

The power window switch on the driver side is not responding to either go up or down.

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Abraham Sede is this a North-American Fiesta or a European version?


@oldturkey03 it’s a European version.


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Hi Abraham Sede,

Is it just the buttons(switches) on the drivers side door that are unresponsive? If it’s just the one side, I’d say you have a faulty switch or at the very least a bad connection.

If you can, take off the door panel and inspect the switch and connections, making sure to test the switch for continuity and clean the connections well before either replacing thread switch or reconnecting the tested and cleaned switch.

If more switches are non-working, then a fuse has probably blown. It’s a good idea to check all fuses nonetheless.

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The light indicator on the window switch is turned on and i can use the button to roll down/up the window when i turn off the ignition and turn it on.

It’s just after a while of driving the switch doesn’t respond anymore.

I will check and change the fuses and see if it fixes the issue and troubleshoot from there.


Abraham Sede OK, so we can rule out a totally faulty/broken switch. If it’s only failing after say 10 minutes of driving, you have a partially broken switch or connection. I’d still start by taking off the parts of the door panel to access the entire switch and inspect the switch/connections then cleaning them well with electronic cleaner. This also helps in removing oxidizations and light corrosion.

You can take pictures and update your question following this guide Adding images to existing questions


@geirandersen Thanks. Will do and update on my findings.


@Abraham Sede looks like F16 is for the power windows but then there seems to be another split between rear power windows on fuse F31 and front power windows on F34. @geirandersen any chance the windows are controlled by the BCM? Not sure if it is the same for US and Euro models.


@oldturkey03 I've never worked on a Fiesta later than 2005 or thereabouts, but yeah; Thinking about it, there could be an issue with the BCM. Either it has been waiting to start failing, and now has; Or it's been "pushed over the edge" by some factor, and the window elevator circuit was first to go.


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Abraham Sede this is just to supplement the outstanding answer provided by my esteemed colleague. Here is the wiring diagram for your Fiesta. 2017 2020 Fiesta Power Windows Just to make sure you have it for further testing. I dislike that 10min + failure. It sounds so much like a module issue. Please follow the instructions provided by @geirandersen to rule out corrosion etc. first.

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