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The SL series Kia Sportage was released in April 2010 to Asian and European markets, followed by the North and Central American markets in August 2010 for model year 2011.

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How to change timing belt on a 2015 kia sportage

How do i remove and replace a new timing belt on a 2015 kia sportage AWD 4 cylinder engine

Update (10/31/2022)

I don't know that why I'm asking

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Hi ,

What size is the engine 2.0L or 2.4L DOHC ?


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While iFixit tries to cover a wide variety of repairs, I'm afraid specifics of auto repair isn't their strong point. My suggestion would be to look for Kia Sportage forums where I'm sure the topic will be discussed to no end.

But since we do try to help out no matter what, here's a YouTube video I browsed through that seems to cover everything you need to know about replacing your timing belt.

2.0L timing belt Replacement kia Sportage and many others - YouTube

If you get stuck or run into something you don't understand, feel free to come on back and ask questions; there are many knowledgeable mechanics on here that I'm sure can help.

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