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This is the fourth generation Honda CR-V.

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How can I fix Sunglass overheard compartme?

How can I fix Sunglass overheard compartment, it keeps opening automatically?

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Here's some information that will help you to replace the roof console as it seems it may not be able to be fixed satisfactorily.

This video shows how to remove the roof console from the headliner (roof lining). I realize that it is not for your model vehicle but the procedure is the same for most Hondas and also it matches what is shown in the 2013 CR-V repair manual (see image)

Block Image

(click on image)

This link will hopefully help you to find the correct spare part number of the roof console for your vehicle. On the page click on Change vehicle> and then select options to find the part number for the console for your model.

Once you have the part number for your model (for example it might show 83250-T0A-A01ZA) search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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You could try some 'self-stick' Velcro fabric to the side of the compartment, creating a tighter opening and that might keep the compartment closed. (owner of 2017 CRV)

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