The Frame 2020 (QE55LS03TAU) stuck in a boot loop

Hi Everyone, I have an issue with my 55' Samsung TV which is only 2 years old. It has been 1 month after the warranty period, and I'm super concerned about the Samsung's quality (as you can imagine). Model number: QE55LS03TAU

So what happened:

  • TV worked as usual for 2 years, I have never touched it (only to clean the dust off the surface). It was not moved or anything like this - TV is hanging on the wall using the Samsung invisible mount.
  • About two weeks ago it started to reboot itself randomly - "The Frame" logo appears, the last connection icon appears (PS5 for example), and in 2 seconds TV image fades. 5 seconds after everything repeats, and repeats, and repeats.
  • I called Samsung, and they suggested resetting the TV (Holding power on the panel for 30 sec, and on the remote for 15 sec afterward). It did not work. The TV was reset, but the problem is still there. They mentioned that Samsung serviceman will arrive.
  • I unplugged it overnight, and it appeared to work for 30 mins.
  • I unplugged it for ~15 hours (overnight + working hours when I was in the office), and after this, it worked for 3 days.
  • Samsung service man arrived, and told me that it might be an issue with the panel itself (costs 500-800$, he doesn't know exactly), but because it actually worked he did not see any reason to take it to the service and diagnosis.
  • The issue appeared again one day, and I unplugged the TV for 1 min, and everything worked just fine for another 2 days.
  • Now the issue appears from time to time, but unplugging overnight or for some time seems like fix it. Super confused and frustrated because of this.

A few notes:

I thought that it was overheating, but when it worked I tried 120Hz, VRR, and HDR content for several hours, and everything worked fine.

The problem appears super randomly, it can appear during I watch Netflix, or in Art Mode. Never happened during work through HDMI channels though (Ps5, Switch).

When this issue appears I see a TV red light blink 2 times every 4-5 seconds and the remote blinks like crazy. I know this is the panel error code, but maybe anyone knows the solution without replacing 3/4 of the TV cost itself?

Or at least what to check at the beginning.

Thanks so much in advance!

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