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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Wiring issues 405000x8g b&s 21b8070296e1

I already have that manual and it still won't go ive replaced carburetor spark plug starter

The orange wire where does it go on the ignition. Since I have no safety switches and what about the yellow there is no ground on starter or stator am I suppose to add one? Also the stator wires are red and black should I put them together and what letter o. The key switch do they go to? How do I wire if I don't have the big diode that comes from magneto,lights and fuel solenoid.

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No I am not an experienced electrician but I've been working on this lawn mower everyday for 2 to 3 months I've been watching video after video on how to rewire a riding lawn mower per the videos that I've watched the black wire coming from the Stater is used for lights is that correct or is the black wire coming from the stator or ground thank you so much for your information it really helped I was putting a ground on everything because that's what it showed in the diagram of course I have a digital multimeter


@Michelle Depew In DC circuits on small engines, black is always GND (sometimes also referred to as negative). The stator should have (at least) two wires: black and red. Black is GND and red should be positive (12V). In charging, 12V is actually somewhere around 13.5-14V.

Then you just have to use the DMM to trace your wires. The bare necessities of the circuit is GND (negative on battery) via a short, thick and black wire, screwed to the chassis. Then from the positive on battery (12V) via a switch (ignition switch) to the starter solenoid (not the starter). Then again from the starter solenoid to the actual starter. The service are all red (positive) as the GND is taken care of by being screwed to the chassis.

NB! There are exceptions to the GND, where there are wires for the GND, but that’s usually if there has been modifications done.


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Michelle Depew Are you experienced with electrical wiring, and do you have a DMM (digital multimeter) to use to check connections etc?

This is a DC system, and in DC systems, red is positive (12V positive) and black is GND (ground). Usually, the starter is connected to GND is the screws to the chassis. The chassis is always GND. NEVER connect red and black wires together, or mix them up! Although there is only 12V in the system, the amperage in these batteries is serious! Huge sparks if shorted and the battery goes dead.

Basic wiring, is 12V from battery via ignition key to starter solenoid. That way, the solenoid get’s 12V when the ignition key is turned to Start. It already has GND because it’s screwed to the chassis.

If you have zero knowledge about electrical wiring on an engine, then you could start by watching some videos about small engine wiring on YouTube. I suggest Donyboy73, THEMOWERMEDIC1 and Steve’s SmallEngineSaloon channels. Don, Jeremy and Steve are great guys and have a nice way of teaching.

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