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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Murray select 405000x8g briggs and stratton engine 21b8070296 e1

I have a Murray select riding lawn mower 2005 with the Briggs & Stratton engine and I ran over something and it would still start and run but when I engage the blades it made a terrible squealing noise and it was hard to start I took all of the wiring off and I'm trying to rewire it with only the wiring that I need but every wiring diagram that I can find for this model it is not right and it will turn over but it will not start can someone please help me

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Here's the parts manual for the model.

The wiring diagram is on p.8

Check that the spark plug is OK.

You can also purchase a spark plug tester (examples only to show cost) to see if there's a spark at the plug or not. It is inserted in series with the spark plug lead i.e. remove the lead from the spark plug, insert one end of the tester into the lead and the other end onto the spark plug. It should show the voltage pulses being sent to the plug.

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I already have that manual and it still won't go ive replaced carburetor spark plug starter

The orange wire where does it go on the ignition. Since I have no safety switches and what about the yellow there is no ground on starter or stator am I suppose to add one? Also the stator wires are red and black should I put them together and what letter o. The key switch do they go to? How do I wire if I don't have the big diode that comes from magneto,lights and fuel solenoid.


@Michelle Depew

Hopefully the ignition has the terminals marked. As can be seen in the wiring diagram, the orange wire is on the S terminal, yellow on the A and M, yellow/red on the Y etc.

You have to be careful with the red wires though. One goes from the L to the stator connector plug (along with a grey wire - different connection though at the stator end)) and the other on B goes to the starter solenoid via a fuse. You may need an Ohmmeter to prove where each wire goes.

The red and black stator wires are separate. The black comes from the stator and the red comes from a diode connected to the stator. Don't know if this is internal to the stator as it's not listed in the parts.

Isn't the chassis grounded i.e. -ve battery cable connected to chassis and aren't the starter and stator also screwed onto the chassis - metal to metal contact?


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