GPU not giving display after restarting

My PC got turned off due to a power cut and now the GPU only gives display after sometime and only for the first time. If I restart it or open it suddenly after shutting down the GPU won't give display after that whereas the integrated GPU of CPU is giving that. I've changed the cables and have done everything but nothing's helping. If somebody has any solution I would really appreciate it.

PC specs are:

i5 3470s

8 GB ram

GTX 1050

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Have you tried installing the GTX 1050 in another system, to see if it functions normally there. That could help you to determine if its an issue with the card or with your system itself.

Not to be snarky, but saying you have "done everything" is open to interpretation. Can you share what you have done exactly?

Also can you explain what you mean by "open it suddenly"?

I have had failing GPUs that start to do the "now I will work, now I won't" dance.

Your CPU and maybe system might be on the older side (The CPU is a 2012 vintage from the model number you gave), so it could also be a power supply issue that is causing it. How old is your Power Supply?


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