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Non-Unibody, Core Duo & Core 2 Duo Processors

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Does the A1151 support 3GB ram?

I saw on a forum that if I put 4GB's of ram in the A1151 that it will read 3GB . Is this true ?

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Standard RAM: 1 GB Maximum RAM: 2 GB MAX

Details: 1 GB installed as a single module. One slot free.

Apple MacBook Pro "Core Duo" 2.16 17" Specs

Identifiers: MacBook Pro 17-Inch - MA092LL/A - MacBookPro1,2 - A1151 - N/A

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+ It seems the official Apple max RAM is the max on this. Transcend (a RAM manufacturer) made a press release that it would handle more. Later they publicly retracted their statement. If you found someone that has installed more than 2 GB RAM and the system runs stable, I would contact them about the brand and model of RAM they installed. I've seen someone ask this question before & they put a link to the post in their question. The person posting in the forum was from the Orient, only had 1 post on the forum. Gave no information other than they had done this. I tried contacting them several times about the brand and model # of RAM they used, no response to my communications.


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