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Half the screen is washed out

My TV wasn't listed in the drop down so I picked the closest one. The real model is un65mu6290f.

The right half of the screen is washed out. If I do a little...uh percussive maintenance on the back right side it works again for some time but will go back.

Any ideas? Hope the picture goes through I'm on mobile.

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Ryan Feeney that is a tough one based on the half screen situation. It is possible that this is a bad T-con board or just bad wiring. the washed out appearance is usually caused by T-con boards but should be across the whole screen. Take the back off your TV and check the boards. Look for anything odd like charred, lost or otherwise. well. odd. Post some pictures of what you see with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see. You just have to edit your QUERSTION and use this guide Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

Check the wiring. Remove all the cables and reinstall them. Check for tears, corrosion etc. The percussive maintenance could affect loose component or cold solder joints. Suspects on this are main board, T-Con board and yes, bad panel.

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Thank you for the response. I added an imgur link as it wasn't letting me upload. Let me know if this helps. The wash usually flickers and like I said if I give it a little bop on the back right it fixes it. Sometimes.


Ryan Feeney anywhere in the back or a specific area?


Really anywhere will do it. Maybe the edges work better?


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Hi @Ryan Feeney

Try adjusting the backlight dimming setting and see if this alters anything.

Go to Menu → Picture → Backlight and vary level (0 – 20)
If no backlight changes observed:

Check the Panel Connector pin voltages and BLU_PWM voltages (CNM801) while changing backlight level.
If Panel voltages don’t change, and BLU_PWM changes, replace SMPS.
If BLU_PWM doesn’t change replace Main/T-Con Board

Update (10/18/2022)

Hi ,

I'm a bit concerned that you can change things by using the "percussion test" as usually board problems aren't affected by doing this unless it is a loose connection.

Here's an image that shows how to test the backlights independent of the main board.

If the backlights are still dim in sections of the screen the problem is either the power board or the backlights or the connections between them.

Turn off the TV, disconnect the power to the TV and then follow the direction to remove the cable between the mainboard and the power board. Reconnect the power to the TV and check the backlights. Also see if they alter brightness. when using the percussion test. They should be full on and stay on.

Block Image

(click on image)

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Will check! Thank you. But not sure I'll know what the pins are unless they're generously labeled. I can check the brightness easily though


@Ryan Feeney

Usually the pinout is marked on the board next to the connector. Sometimes not that close it depends on what other components are there but if it isn't close, as the connector will be ID's i.e. CN# the pinout will have the same ID associated with it


Hi. I'll check again when the TV is being dumb but right now it's now having the issue and the back light setting is working as expected.


Ok it happened and the brightness is wonky. It'll stay unchanged / bright while lowering, and presumably coinciding with the screen unflickering for a moment will snap to the correct lower brightness. Same in the other direction.


Are those two components totally separate? I.e one does not encapsulate the other so I can for sure fix it with 1 replacement? This thing is huge I'd rather not do the voltage testing


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