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Tv keep turning off

Hello, my tv Samsung ue55f9000szxzt keep turning off for first 30 min of using it from "cold" start, i have to be near and turn it on. After this time, which can cycle 6/7 or more time, it work perfectly.

I checked voltage from manual and it's all good. Also capacitors and MOSFETs seems to be fine. Some ideas from where began?

I also tried to install old one box, seems to have same problem.

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rodnor could be a cold solder joint as well as a failed component. You can check the board and look at the solder ends . All of those should be a shiny silver color. Anything dull and darker could qualify for a reflow with a soldering iron. The problem here is that you do not know which board is giving the problem. Could be the power board or the main board. My first suspect would be the main board but again, you will have to check all of them.

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