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Samsung QLED LCD cable repair?

Hey everyone,

A friend of mine gave me a Samsung QLED tv (QN55Q60RAFXZA) with a dead power supply. I told them to replace it and they tried but failed. They ended up giving me the TV. I replaced the power supply without issue and the TV mostly works.

Now that I've shared my life with you, the problem is that when they were trying to open it, it looks like they jammed a screwdriver into one of the thin ribbon cables connecting the LCD to motherboard (?) I included pictures. Is this something I can buy and replace? Also worth noting in one picture the screen is majorly screwed up. I was able to fiddle with the ribbon cable enough to get it to maybe 10 or so pixels wide. It improved on its own with time as well.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@silasofthelambs those cables can not easily be replaced. They are attached with a special process and bonding method. I wonder if the cable is big enough to scrape the masking away and solder jumper cables across where they punctured it. None of it is easy but may be you can give it a try. You'll need some pretty thin wire and good soldering skills with a microscope

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Thanks for the fast and informative reply!

I hadn't found any information on how to replace the cable, so what you're saying makes sense to me. I'll have to double check and see, but I'm fairly certain that the ribbon isn't punctured, but has deformed the cables enough to break them. I may try and gently reform it with something warm, as I definitely don't have the soldering experience or a microscope. It does sound like something fun to try, though!

Thanks again for the help.


@silasofthelambs it is :-) The problem is that everything is so frikkin' small. The pitch (space between the individual lines) is so small. Otherwise the gluing part would be easy but it just needs to be properly aligned etc., and really requires the right tools and Eagle Eyes.


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