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Problem with back light

I have 32" UE32EH5000K and I`m in a pickle. I can see the picure with torch against the screen so problem with backlight, OK. I`ve checked power board and there is 240V going to LED strips (tested to ground) so next tested, with 30V battery, each of my 4 LED strips (10 LED each) and all fine. I`ve tryed disconecting the logic board but the back lights stay down. Any ideas?

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@j_n83 in cases like this "disconnecting the logic board but the back lights stay down" it is your power board since you eliminate the main board by doing this. Otherwise it is an issue from the main board since that is what tells the power board to turn the backlight on (simplified).

Check the voltages on the corresponding connectors and let us know what you got

Block Image

You can always try to follow the Samsung flowchart and see if you can find out where it is not working

Block Image

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