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An LED smart TV released by Samsung in 2013.

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snowy picture issue without set top box

ok so I've been google and searching forums like crazy to no avail. I am dealing with a Samsung smart tv with a fuzzy picture. There is no set top box as do not use cable tv. it seems to be when streaming on prime or other such apps. please what do i do, i can only find fixes involving cable boxes.

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I should mention im looking into this for a friend in another province, however UN50JU6500 is the model number i was provided with. and would inputs come into play if not using any peripherals only onboard apps (smart tv) (i legitimately do not know)

as for what is happening/showing has been described as snow yet still can watch whatever such as it is. the only change from when it last had no snow is the internet equipment was updated to newer, that being said would a stronger wifi (5 series to 6 series) require a change in the picture settings?


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@albert112 we will need to know the exact model for your TV. Also you need to find out if it shows a "fuzzy " picture with all video source inputs. So go ahead and try all of them out. After that, we need to see what it is that your TV shows and see what the fuzziness looks like. It could be a main board issue, a T-con board issue or worst case (unlikely) a panel error. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

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Prysm cable TV set top box repair how could explain

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