Why isnt Haptic Bass not working on left side?

the haptic bass stopped working on one side of my headphones. a few weeks ago they were rattling, now it just doesnt work, please help

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If you're attempting diy repairs, you'll have to disassemble the headphone side with the cable going in. You'll need a multimeter to check continuity on each plug connection to its wire inside the headphone to determine if a break in wiring occurred. If wiring from plug to inside are fine then examine for damage, disassembling the other headphone. Then measure speaker resistance of the dead one. Either wiring or speaker damage occurred.


that sounds extremely complex, and this would be my first electronic repair if i tried, im scared thatll end badly if i try


If you have a friend familiar with small electrical/electronic repairs, can solder and use a multimeter, ask. If this is in warranty, return it for service otherwise a repair shop is another option.


the headphones arent in warranty, ill ask my stepdad if he can help, if not i dont know what to do except live with it


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