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The larger edition of Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in February 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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My screen is black after a repari

I was changing the battery yesterday, everyting was going fine the phone was staring up as i was fixing the last ting.

Untill i was charing the phone over nigth and the screen went black the day after, i can hear the sound from charing the phone and i can feel the vibrator when i start the phone so i think its only the screen that went down

i was using isopropylalkohol to remove the adviser from the battery and i have buy some MECHANIC BGA-IC QC-20 that i think was okay but ist smell very strong and i was opening the phone again and the smell from MECHANIC BGA-IC QC-20 is everywher and it has melt down the simcard to.

So my question is what could happend and how can i fix it? wher can i start look for the injuries?

And lesson learn dont use anything els then isopropylalkohol.

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Hi. I have the same issue on s20+, but I have used isopropanol...


@jacekkotarak need more details about your specific issues.



After battery replacement (dismount and mounting back the same one), everything has worked.

I've put charging cable in and go to sleep (everything was fine).

In the morning the screen was black and touch didn't react.


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@breeze1337 yeah not a great move to use that stuff. It probably would not hurt your PCB but it appears to be pretty harsh on plastics etc. First off you do want to clean everything now with some high grade isopropyl alcohol. Let it all air out well. You may have to clean it a couple of times. After that you will have to replace the display. All of this "hear the sound from charging the phone and i can feel the vibrator" is pretty indicative that it is your screen that could not handle the MECHANIC BGA-IC QC-20. remember that fumes are particles too. Once you closed of your phone, it could all collect inside and finally the off-gassing damaged the screen (and your Sim Card).

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Yeah it was not pretty clever to use that. as you say it is very harsh to plastics, from now on its in my bins and i wont use it again. yes i will try to clean it off and replace the screen


@breeze1337 let us know how it ended up.


Sorry but what made you use that stuff? You can remove samsung adhesive by simply rubbing it with your thumb and it comes off. Expensive mistake as Samsung screens aren't cheap.

Good luck with the second attempt.


@oldturkey03 It will end up that i was taking everything apart and dryit and clean it whit isopropylalkohol and now its working again...


@strongbow Im not sure why to, first phone i was fixing my self and i was thinking that isopropylalkohol was not good enough to remove the adhesive as good as it was. as you say screen is not cheap and i dont even know wher to get it. lol


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