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Reparatiehandleidingen voor fototoestellen van de nu stopgezette Minolta reeks.

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What is the approximate cost to fix the oily aperture blade defect?

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I have a Minolta 35-70 f1.4, which has the oil on the aperture blade issue and this one is bad to the point I cannot effectively use it due to how bad the resistance is.

Normally this is something I would try and fix being a "common lens" I can risk breaking, but the issue is I do not have an ultrasonic cleaner which is effectively the only way to do it right unless you have tons and tons of rubbing alcohol and time. In addition with zoom lenses, you need to get it EXACTLY right or you lose the alignment.

Roughly how much should I expect a shop to charge to take this apart and fix the issue? Sadly, the 35-70 is so notably known for this I wouldn't feel comfortable using one of these on a Minolta 9 or 7 without having it done, and if I had one I'd bring it with me and tell them I don't want to chance it, and want the oil out of the aperture. I'm not even surprised, but gah this lens is a pain to open.

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Hi @nick

No idea of the cost but was wondering if the 35-70mm F4 lens would be similar to fix, if you decide to do it yourself after all.


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I'm checking with a few stores to see what they say. First one qouted minimum $100 for a $25-30 lens. I'm going to check a few more. If it's a common issue I think I may be better off taking it apart and cleaning it myself once I have access to an ultrasonic cleaner.

I was basically told I don't have much to lose by trying to DIY the job.


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