How do I dissasemble a Magnum Research Inc. Baby Desert Eagle Co2

So the barrel on my Magnum Research Inc. Baby Desert Eagle Co2 Non-Blowback Full Metal Pistol fell out of place and i cant seem to fix it without dissasebling it.There is also a bullet stuck inside the barrel.Now does any one know what to do?

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Tried calling/emailing the company for technical assistance? Reviewed the questions in the side bar? Sometimes users may put up youtube videos on service and repairs. While not meant to be diy friendly in servicing and repairs, be aware of disassembling one without some info if attempting diy repairs otherwise service should be performed by repair people familiar with airsoft products,


I didnt do that.I did look up for some you tube videos or some guide on the internet and couldnt seem to find anything for help.Im going to take it back to the store maybe they can help, its a lower risk.


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