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The Magnum name was revived in 2004 as a 2005 station wagon on the Chrysler LX platform.

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When I go to start my magnum it cranks but won't start.

I have a 06 magnum with the 2.7 has 128000 miles and when I turn the key it will crank but will not start. W as driving on day and it just died and would not restart just cranked. Any advice would be great I drive my 96 ram but the magnum is a lot cheaper on gas.

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Can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the ignition key onto the "On" position, before trying to start the engine?

To get fuel to the engine the PCM needs to get good signals from the crankshaft position sensor (CKP), the camshaft position sensor (CMP) and the ignition system so that it can operate the fuel pump relay to turn on the fuel pump.

If you can't hear the pump maybe check if you can hear the relay click. Bit hard if you're on your own of course ;-)

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I’m starting to diagnose this issue just today. I’ve already checked relays. I’m going to be listening for the fuel pump here in a second and tapping at it a bit while someone cranks to see how it goes. 🙏


I have the same issue going on. Did you get this resolved? Similar in how it started as well.


So my magnum is also having this issue, did anyone have a comment on what was the ultimate cause.


Wow, all these people have the same type of problem with their '05, 2.7liter magnum.

Did or has anyone had any luck as to what it could be?

yes i can hear the fuel pump engage, and yes all lights on dash were on, but then i noticed that the battery was running low ( If that makes sense..) I tried cranking it , then my battery died, and then every time i tried to crank it after that it made a prrrrrrr sound which i always thought was the sound of a just about dead battery Im trying real hard not to lose it but if anyone could help , gawsh that would be great. thank u


@lucyruiz this "prrrrrrr sound" does sound like a dead battery. Have you charged or replaced it yet? What happens if you try and boost your Magnum with another vehicle?


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