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Repair information and guides for the fifth generation of iPhone. Model: A1387

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Can u back up a disabled iPhone 4

i wanna try and get data off one of my first iphone can i back it up and then restore from the back up or will the phone still be disabled

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What do you mean by Disabled Is the battery dead, you don't have a SIM installed?

What happens when you connect it to your Mac system within iTunes?


sry i should have said more i was trying to say that the phone says disable connect to itunes


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If your phone says it is disabled, you MIGHT be able to unlock it by connecting it to a computer it had been previously synced with. But that has not been the case for a while and more than likely all your data is stuck on the phone, just out of reach.

If it says it is permanently disabled, I generally tell people, there is no solution for this right now that will allow you to keep your data. That doesn’t mean someone might find something, or Apple might change this at some point. But presently there is no way to get your data off a disabled phone.

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ok thx imma keep waiting as i cant just accept no for a answer there is very important things to me on there


@keith_themuscovyduck - Do you have an iCloud account your stuff maybe available there!


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