internal Inverted-F PCB antenna?

I have a question about antennas in routers. Some routers have two antennas, some 3. One router i am looking at has very good specs and great ability to mod. for my purpose. The question is does this one external antenna TX and RX? the router has 2 antennas, one antenna is an internal inverted -F PCB antenna ( integrated into the main board) and the antenna that you see is a external dipole antenna (SMA connector) per the manufacture specs........ So does the external antenna do the TX and RX? or do i need a router with two external antennas? ( having to buy two giant outdoor omnidirectional antennas rather then one is troublesome and costly, esp if not necessary). This is not exactly repair related but this type of thing is difficult to find an answer to.

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I really couldn't find any answers on Asus web site. I am going to recommend you go here with your question, also you mention what you are trying to do. They might be able to recommend the best equipment, at the best price, for your purpose.


Please tell us more about what you are wanting to do. I've set up several long range WIFI networks without outdoor an antenna or a repeater for stationary desktops. Depending on your goal(s) a repeater might be the way to go, if you need an above stock setup.


I had actually called ASUS and it would seem that one of the antennas is internal however because it's a version 1 you can replace the miniPCI card and mod. it for all sorts of things etc... which is too much work and more money. So trying to get a Linksys WRT54GS V1 2 or3. I have used DD-WRT before and like it, however I like Tomato more esp for the project i am undertaking, making a paid service wifi hotspot. Just because i want to, not for deployment anywhere yet. With so many options out there it's a lot of reading some of which i am already familiar with, signal wave ratios etc. The various ways to do this and the equipment involved is a lot of reading as well. openwrt...... or Tomato with a RADIUS server......signal loss from cable.... the list goes on....... Antennas.......


Brian, take a look at this. May be a little of topic, but gives you more to read :-)


Fantastic, that will help me out and may point me in some directions to look for things i may not have thought of. i will enjoy reading it.


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