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De Nvidia GeForce 750 Ti is een krachtige grafische kaart met één ventilator van Nvidia die zich richtte op energie-efficiëntie, uitgebracht in februari 2014.

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The graphics card fan is rotating but no display whalt to do?

Not display in monitor

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If it’s not displaying make sure of these things

You have the correct power cables plugged in and have a power supply power full enough to handle it

Make sure that the pcie slot isn’t faulty by trying another GPU

Try taking the cooler off (usually 4screws on the back,make sure to take them out slowly,quarter turn on each one at a time to apply even pressure)and checking for and blown components or discolouration on the pcb

Make sure your video input pots don’t have any debris

Make sure your drivers are up to date as well as your OS

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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I have a E Geforce 8800gts on W11 and I don't know where to get the drivers



Is it a prebuilt computer or A custom one?

If it’s prebuilt you will probably find them on the manufacturers website

Or if it’s custom you will find them on Nvidea’s website:-)



@hellomacos custom but there drivers only support W10



Have you tried installing them?


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