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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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iPhone 6 plus progress bar stuck on 99% after restore


Before restoring this iphone 6 plus, the wifi and battery didnt work, so i decided to try a restore. Oddly, the battery now works, but after the restore finishes it gets stuck in the apple logo and a progress bar that stays at 99%. I have tried DFU restore, normal restore, itunes, 3utools, idevicerestore... Nothing seems to work. 3utools can read all data from device but wifi serial and wifi module. I also tried the trick of having something inside the headphone jack, but it wont work either. I can also ssh into the device.

Any ideas?

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Also, if I try to make a backup, it works. But if I try to restore that exact backup, I receive the following error:

"iTunes could not restore the iPhone "[my name]'s iPhone" because an error ocurred."

And the progress bar goes at normal speed until 50%, then it goes really slowly until it reaches 99 and it stays there for hours. I have tried leaving it for 2 days straight and nothing.


Will the backup restore on another phone?


arent backups specific to phones? also, if you mean restoring, then yes, it works on my iphone 3g.


any ideas???


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Huh, charging it with something inserted in the headphone jack seems to have fixed it. However, wifi doesnt work, but thats a baseband issue.

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