Research: Upgrade Xbox One WiFi Card

So, I would like to know if anyone either knows of or has developed a working solution to upgrade the wifi card in one of these units. I would like to have an installed upgrade, not an external solution.

I have a full lab, about 10-15 broken xbox one s units, and experience converting adapters into wireless range extenders. If anyone in this forum has wiring diagrams or anything else that would help me come up with a viable solution, I would appreciate the input. If there are built-in safeguards against this or you have some other, actual reason to discuss why this isn't feasible, please let me know, but supply something that I can read up because I would like to research a bit before I desolder an adapter or make a modified dongle.

Theoretical usage: I would like to desolder the wifi card's onboard connector and build a pigtail that turns into a soldered connector on a wifi module that I can affix to the back plate. I don't have the board in front of me so I'm not entirely sure how many wires run to the original wifi board, but I have had success with adapter mods in laptops and would like to see if I can apply the same process here.

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