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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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Screen & battery not working.

I purchased battery, screen, & touch gasket from Ifixit. I followed the tutorials to change the battery, but I broke the original screen. Watch continued to work fine with the cracked screen, but I decided to replace the screen and gasket. After 1st attempt I had black screen but haptics worked. After trying to fix the black screen, I now have no screen, no haptics, & no response from a reset or charging. Any ideas? I just ordered new flex cables to see if that’s a fix. I also noticed the center connector on the screen moves a little when I try to plug in the cable.

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You maybe digging a deeper hole here ;-{

The cable assembly requires desoldering from the SIP package! Do you have a Hot Air rework station?

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I do know how to solder and desolder, so hopefully it’s still possible. I can’t figure out why the haptics stopped working tho!


@amberds - You have access to a Hot Air rework station as that is what you need a simple pencil soldering iron won't work here.

This is getting worse if haptic engine is damaged too ;-{


I actually think something is going on with the battery. The cables don’t have any bends, tears, or bare spots, and they plug into the screen easily. The screen is brand new. I guess we’ll see.


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