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Repair and disassembly guides for Casio electronic keyboards.

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Radio shack MD-1160 won’t turn on

My keyboard has no power when plugged in to the dc plug. I have taken the unit apart and have found nothing unusual on the circuit boards other then blackened grease where the on off switch runs. Any suggestions?

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Can you take a picture of the circuit board(s) and upload it here? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


Hi @suzang,

Have you checked that the AC/DC adapter power supply that plugs into the keyboard is working OK i.e. that there is 9V DC on the plug at the end of the cable?

If you can't test if the 9V DC output adapter is working, then try inserting 6 x "D" size dry cell batteries ( 6 x 1.5V D cell batteries = 9V DC) in the keyboard's battery compartment and check if it turns on.

Make sure that the DC plug adapter is unplugged from the keyboard if you try this as plugging in the adapter disconnects the battery's power supply to the keyboard


I have finally put batteries in and it works!🤣. So I guess now I will need to take pics of the two Circuit boards so y’all can see if I’m missing something. I will also be purchasing a new 9v plug for the keyboard.



Have you tried a different, known working compatible 9V DC power adapter to see if that worked, you didn't say?


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ideally we need some photos

you can add some photos by following this great guide

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That blackened grease could be where the switch has worn out and is no longer performing like a switch (turning in and off)

also I would check both sides of the board and check in power in side if the board, also check the fuse in the plug, but for now with no photos that's all I can really do so when we get some photos we can look into things a bit better;-)

hopefully this helps


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Do you have a DMM (digtial multimeter) so that you can check if there is 9V DC at the plug of the existing adapter?

It may be the adapter/adapter cord that is faulty and not the keyboard

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