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Seventh generation of iPad, released September 25, 2019, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Numbers A2200 and A2198.

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unable to charge my iPad. it flashes apple logo while plugged in

Scenario: i did not charge my iPad for last 4/5 months. before that it was in a good condition and battery life was excellent. i have decided to use it again and plugged in into its official 12 watt charger but device show any charging indicator. Apple logo appears and keep flashing all the time. Device does not charge and got heated. After unplugging iPad does not turn on.

I have tried to change the adapter, cable and also try to restore the device via iTunes but each time failed to restore or recover my device. I am unable to understand, weather it is a software related issues or not.

seeking for an expert advice to resolve the situation.

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reboot loop while charging is a telltale sign of a faulty battery.

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