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Apple AirPods zijn draadloze oortjes die in december 2016 zijn uitgebracht.

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Airpods randomly disconnecting from my phone

I inherited these AirPods from my mom, and she couldn't remember any damage that it received, so I don't know of any possible causes.

Problem: I will be listening to music with my airpods' battery in the 90s. And suddenly one of them (and some times both) will stop working. This happened in intervals varying from 3 minutes to 10. When they stopped working, I would put them into the case for a minute, and this would seem to fix it.

At the moment, I am trying to completely drain the battery to try to recalibrate it to see if that might be the issue.

Edit: P.S.: Sometimes my airpods will run for quite a long time as they should.

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The batteries are dead, they won’t recalibrate.

The only way to fix them would be replacing the batteries.

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Thanks for your response.

I forgot to mention that sometimes my AirPods will run for a long time. But you are probably right in that the batteries must be very degraded. The strange part is that it varies how long it will run for, and how long I charged it for usually has no impact on how long they run.



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