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Repair information and guides for the fifth generation of iPhone. Model: A1387

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Water Marks Under Display after using Alcohol to help remove battery

I usually use Isopropyl Alcohol to help soften adhesive to remove phone batteries, and usually its ok, but with this iPhone 4s I must have either used way to much or it can seep under the display easily. I did see slits in the housing right where the battery is so im assuming that's the issue.

My question is, is this display permanently damaged like this or can it dry out after awhile?

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There’s 2 ways we can go about this:-)

1) the easiest way is to order a new screen as they are fairly inexpensive

2) the hard way ,you can start to remove layers of the lcd-assembly cleaning it as you go along but 9/10 there will be something else wrong after doing this but if you are careful enough you might be able to do it

Hopefully this helps


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