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Roland G-800 arranger workstation

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roland g800 no sound

Roland G800 no sound

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Can you follow the Roland G-800 Top cover Replacement guide to remove the top cover, then upload pictures of the circuit boards in your Roland G-800? Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


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If you aren’t getting any sound check all your MIDI ports for corrosion and debris as they are easily faulted

If that doesn’t work I would open it up and check under all the keys and membranes for dust and corrosion/oxidation as they get quite dirty over a short ammount of time!

If you have any suspicions on anything let me know and il try and point you in the right direction


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First check if you have no sound from the headphone jack and the line outs.

If you move the volume slider up and down do you hear a faint 'white noise' getting louder (while moving the volume up) If so: the internal amplifier is probably ok.

Check the following software setting:

Press F3 next to the display (MIDI settings)

Press 'page down' to the left of the display.

The option on the far right of the display should be 'Local'. Make sure it is set to ON. When it is OFF the keyboard won't respond to key presses from the keyboards itself but only responds to MIDI input from another device.

It's probably not the keys itself. One or two keys can stop working but all 76 at the same time? Unlikely.

If Local is ON and you have checked the volume slider and the outputs the problem is probably an internal electrical issue.

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