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The GameCube is Nintendo's fourth console gaming system. Repair is simple and requires only common tools.

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Why is my gamecube freezing at the start of some games?

When I want to start some games as Zelda Four swords adventure or Super Mario sunshine, the screen freezes once I press start at the title screen. The CDs are ok and work on the Wii. Other games like Metroid Prime or Sonic mega collection are working just fine.

I cleaned the interior with compressed air and the reader lens with alcohol, but nothing changed.

The clock battery is dead, might it be the cause? Or should I consider replacing the motherboard / console?

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there's just something really nice about old retro stuff isn't there, sadly collecting old stuff comes with the responsibility of maintaining these things.

just by going off what you have said so far I believe your issue may be a heat related issue, my advice would be to dismantle your console ,give all the fans and heatsinks a good cleaning out but last but not least give it some new thermal paste ,thermal paste usually helps with these sort of issues as it needs replaced every 5 years or so.

if that doesn't work try looking for any blown components or bulging capacitors as they can be quite common on consoles of this age

hopefully this helps!


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Thanks for your reply. I'll give it a try and post the result once it's done.



Good luck:-)


Ok, turns out there are two dead capacitors (no measure in capacitance mode and stable 22.6 ohms on the multimeter). Will try to replace them and see what it gives.



Dead capacitors can do may things

Just like you have seen

When you replace them do t use hot air use a soldering iron as too much heat can make them explode

Also make sure they are the right way round if that is necessary:-)

Good luck:-)


I replaced the capacitors and the thermal pads and cleaned again, but no change. I wonder if it may be the logic or the processor who are problematic. Now considering on replacing the whole motherboard.


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