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iPhone not recognizing my wired headphones

I have an IPhone 7 Plus which does not have a headphone jack. I bought wired earbuds that plug in through the charging port. They aren’t dupes. But when I plug them in, my phone doesn’t respond to my earbuds and audio plays through the phone speakers. I’ve cleaned the charger port and chargers seem to work fine. My headphones are fine aswell and work perfectly on a different device. What should I try?

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@view_monster have you turned the connector from the headphones over and tried?


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I had this issue on my iPhone 6s except it was with a pair of normal headphones (headphone jack)

And I found that making sure there is no dust in the port with a sewing needle,I know you said it charges fine but it’s worth a shot

Also I would try cleaning the headphones end(lightning) with isopropyl alcohol just to make sure that there are no microscopic dirt hiding on you!

If this doesn’t work let me know and we can rule some more stuff out^_^


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