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The PSP 3000 was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008.

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My PSP 3004 wont't boot unless pressure is applied on AV plug


I bought a used PSP. The problem is when it came it did not wont to boot up unless I press on the plug where the AV cable is being plugged in.

I replace the existing LCD but that did not change a thing. Namely, After I apply a considerable pressure on the av plug (black plug on the left side) with my thumb and forefinger from above, it boots up fine. Sometimes if pressure is not significant it boots up but with no screen lid up, only sound is heard when directional buttons are depressed.

If I turn it off and start normally it just show green power light and nothing more. Than I have to keep up the power button for like 15-20 sec before it turns off.

The console is not bricked, but it seems like some bad fuse. I never tried to take it completely apart except changing the LCD and PCB switch, so minor repairs. Never took it completely appart.

Does some one know is there some schematics or diagram of the PSP to know how to disassemble it and put it back together, so I can try to pinpoint the problem.

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and here as well


I take it you also checked battery and contacts too?


Ireplaced the power board, its not an issue or battery.



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Sounds like a broken solder joint on that plug. Typically, problems solved by applying a physical pressure to a specific area are broken electrical connections that you are mechanically re-joining with your hands.

If you've narrowed down the area where the pressure fixes the problem, you might even be able to see a visual electrical disconnection and fix it on the spot.

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We think alike, but do you know perhaps of some diagram of the MB or such. I mean I can take it to the repair shop, but partially I would like to learn and I am curious my self and partially I know they will say you need new MB thats how they work here. So to check myself, since warranty sticker's off anyway, would be great with some tut.

Checked youtube but videos are most about lcd, havent stumbled upon so detailed explanation of the MB and such. Wonder if any was ever made by someone at all.

Well any ther ideas are welcomed and appreciated.

p.s. maybe I should make a video and post, could be of more use to have some first hand perspective from others.


ademovdix, Derek is correct here with their diagnosis of the problem & the solution. You are going to need to resolder the connections of the av plug &/or bridge any bad traces leading to it. To find bad traces leading to the port you will need visual magnification (jewelers loupe or stereo microscope). Since you are stating heavy pressure to the av port I would look on the other side of the board in that area for bad solder joints or compromised traces. If resoldering the AV port or repairing bad traces &/or solder joints does not resolve the problem, you have a broken trace in the sub levels of the board. When putting heavy force on the AV you are flexing the board in that area - including the inner layers of the board. Your only fixes if it is in the sub levels of the board are to run air wires to bypass it, place something to permanently flex the board or replace the MB. Anyone that can run air wires wouldn't ask for a tut. That leaves you 2 fixes if the problem isn't on the outer layers of the board.


Cheers, will try and report thanks.



You can use a continuity tester to find any possibly severed connections to the component. You should notice the connection in question breaking and re establishing with the pressure you mentioned applying earlier.



I was away so I hope someone will see this.

Recently I managed to deal with the problem which I explained here. I did manage to fix the AV part of the problem. Now when I put together front plate and boot the unit its fine, but when I try to Suspend it either by using the short press on the On/Off switch or trough VSH menu the power green light keeps flashing and it turn it self off after 15 sec of flashing together with short flash up on the wireless indicator light (so power green and wireless light indicator flash together and unit shuts down) .

When I take the front plate off, the unit Boots, Suspends no problem :§

I never saw such flashing before, any one know what it means? Perhaps to try installing more recent OFW since current is 6.20,but I doubt it has anything to do with this problem.



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