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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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Dead samsung galaxy s7 data recovery

Hi, I have a galaxy s7 edge. The phone restarted while it was plugged into charger and then it stuck on the boot screen with samsung logo with a blue flashing light. It was the second time this was happening but this time it didn't boot up. Although I have to mention that the phone was nearly out of storage. After that I couldn't charge the phone either so the phone was dead with a blue flashing light but now the light is gone too. Is there any possible solution ?the data is important

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Farzin Keshvarian you need your phone to turn on to retrieve any data from it. Start by following the troubleshooting flowchart for the “No Power “ situation.

Block Image

Block Image

Of course you should also try and change the charging port (flex) to see if that will make a difference. Check this teardown to see what is involved with this. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Teardown

Yo umauy get the advice that you can recover the data directly from the memory chips (chip off procedure). That will no longer work for models since the S6 . The S7 uses UFS 2.0 in a FBGA153 layout and it is not likely you get any readable info by performing a chip-off and reading the chip like it was previously done with the eMMC chip. Samsung uses that memory on the Galaxy S6, S7 and above. Remember also that full disk encryption is required on Android 6.0 so another strike against that type of method. So, best way is get it fixed long enough for it to power up and then use either your computer to download what you need or back up your phone for the data.

You can always contact a data recovery specialist and see what they are telling you. BTW no software fix for this either. Recovery software will not work on a dead board.

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Appreciate the answer

And I've talked to some repair services and they just told me that the memory chip is broken although they never tested anything to prove that


@Farzin Keshvarian that does sound very odd. Use the flowchart work through it see what you find. Hopefully you get it to start up. Of course if you have somebody that could do board level repairs, they might have better success.


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