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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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80" sharp LC-80LE642U with a crack in the LCD

80" sharp LC-80LE642U with a crack in the LCD.. is it worth fixing? i cant even seem to find a replacement screen. all the other parts are working just fine so it would be a waste to heave it.

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A 80inch TV is very impressive,the biggest iv ever seen is about 40

The thing about LCDs or any display panel for that matter is that if the device is old the whole device will be cheep but if you want a part of 80inches that’s going to cost you

Just to put it into perspective for you

You can get a old run of the mill car for £$700 but if you buy a new engin or gearbox for it it may cost more that what the cars worth

So unless you can find a donor TV I can’t really see it being worth it ,especially because of the size of the display and how much the part would be to post

I love saving things but we can’t save them all but that doesn’t mean don’t try because I think if you try hard enough you might come across one with a good display and it might fix your issue

Sorry if it seems I have been rambling,it’s just a little hard to explain these things


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No, it wasnt rambling, pretty much what i was expecting. Most likely not worth it, now you did give me an idea of parting it out instead!


@hellomacos - He's spot on, Stephen. The few times I've actually been able to find a replacement LCD for a large-screen TV, the cost has been more than the entire price of a brand new TV of that make and model. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that any time the LCD is damaged, consider it totaled. Parting it out is a great way to recycle as much of it as possible rather than just sending the whole thing to the landfill, so kudos for you on that score.


Maybe if @knightisland348 is up for a challenge he could try and recover what he mentioned was salvageable and auction it off on eBay

It’s entirely up to @knightisland348

Just a thought


Oh and thanks for the comments



It’s greatly appreciated


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