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The OnePlus 8T is an Android smartphone manufactured by OnePlus, released on 16 October 2020.

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fingerprint sensor not working after oem screen replacement

I paid a repair shop to replace the front screen and rear glass . He used brand new oem parts , however , the fingerprint scanner doesn't scan . it lights up , but does not do anything but vibrate with touch . when trying to register a new fingerprint , it says please clean the glass . The phone has been factory reset several times , hoping it would fix it. I'm thinking it needs recalibrated or something ?

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Did you try clearing the cache? Down at the bottom of this page this is suggested as a possible fix.


Try to get the finger print sensor checked just in case it was damaged in the process


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The reason is because of Android 12. Flash your phone after taking backup so that it falls back to Android 11. Then set up your finger print and upgrade to Android 12

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