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The Explorer saw significant exterior, interior, and suspension updates for the 1995 model year, losing all its exterior bodywork shared with the Ford Ranger.

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passenger power windows don't work

How do I troubleshoot an unresponsive Right rear window?

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Hi @manfish73 ,

Here's an image of the power windows wiring diagram that may help.

Looking at the circuit if it is only the right rear window, then the problem will be either in the window motor, the right rear window control switch, the master window/door lock assembly right rear window control switch (driver's door) or the wiring between the two switches as from there on everything is common to all the windows i.e. the power for the window motors (see red arrow in image for where it comes into the circuit from the accessory relay) as well as the return circuit which is on terminal 10 of the master window/door lock assembly.

If the window doesn't operate when either the right rear window switch or the master right rear window switch is operated then firstly check if there is 12V power on terminal 4 (red/light blue wire) of the rr window switch and an earth on terminals 1 (yellow/black wire) & 6 (red/black wire).

If there is then check that the window motor is OK by using an Ohmmeter between terminals 2 & 5 on the rr window switch and check if it is OK. Disconnect the wiring harness from the switch so as to avoid misleading measurements and then measure across the brown and brown/yellow wires in the switch harness.

If there is no 12V on term.4 then the red/light blue wire connected to it is faulty somewhere between the rr switch and terminal 20 of the master window/door lock switch assembly.

If there is no earth on term. 1 & 6 check the master window switch assembly on term 16 & 18 for an earth

Block Image

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Here are some images that show how to access the switches on the front and rear door that may also help.

Block Image

Block Image

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